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Around the globe, 1 billion Office users spend an average of two to three hours each day in Office clients, with more than 400 petabytes of data hosted in the Office 365 service. If you're a web developer, the Office 365 platform gives you the opportunity to reach these users with your business solutions, automate the day-to-day solutions, and even create custom solutions. Members of the product team walk you through real-world Office 365 scenarios and demos in this session. Explore how you can build your solutions contextually directly into the Office 365 using the App Model. Learn how to call the Office 365 APIs from your stand-alone web applications and mobile device applications to leverage services like OneDrive for Business, Mail, Calendar, People, and Sites. Watch how experts create typical intranet scenarios using the App Model, and transform your existing SharePoint Full Trust Solutions. Walk through the mobile device platform story around Office 365, including Windows Universal, Cordova, Xamarin, native iOS, and native Android development. After you learn the fundamentals in this course, take Deep Dive into the Office 365 App Model, and get even more practical tips to get you started right away. The course explains what Office 365 is and how it will benefit individuals and the company as a whole. its aimed at delegates that have completed Power Users who will be managing top-level Sites within SharePoint Online 2013 (Office 365). This course will teach professionals how to develop, debug, deploy and publish Apps for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 (O365). This course will describe the SharePoint App Architecture and discuss in detail SharePoint-hosted and Provider-hosted App models including App Authentication and Security. Students and professionals will learn how to access both external data and SharePoint/O365 data from Apps. They will also learn how and when to use the C# and JavaScript Client Side Object Models and the REST Application Programming Interface (API):

A. App Architecture

B. SharePoint Object Models

C. Using AngularJS, Knockout and Breeze JavaScript Libraries

D. Authentication and Authorization

E. Working with External Data

F. Packaging, Publishing, Installation and Upgrade

G. Developing ASP.NET MVC applications and Web API services

Target Audience

The course is intended for professional developers who develop solutions for SharePoint online products and technologies in a team-based, medium-sized to large development environment. While some familiarity with SharePoint solution development is required, candidates are not expected to have prior experience with the new features in SharePoint online (Office 365).

What are the requirements?

a. Office 365 Developer Site Collection (1 Year Subscription will be provided by us Free)

b.Windows Azure Subscription

C. Visual Studio 2013 &Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013

Introducing Office 365

This module is designed to give an overview of the functionality available to users within the Office 365 environment, it also showcases the tools which will greatly improve efficiency and productivity within your organisation when communicating, authoring, collaborating & sharing, and connecting with colleagues. This module covers the following:

Life before Office 365

a. What is the Cloud?

b. What is Office 365?

c. Office 365 Services Overview

d. Communication

e. Store Information

f. Create and Edit Business Documents

Getting Started with Office 365

The first time a user connects to Office 365 they gain access to a variety of tools and functionality, much of which will be new to them. This module introduces users to the structure of Office 365 and outlines the first few steps that users should take. Connecting to Office 365

• Navigating in Office 365

• Office 365 Configuration

• Install Microsoft Office Professional Plus

• Install Lync

• Set up Office 365 on your phone and tablet

Working with Office Documents

In this module, we will look at how browser-based versions of the familiar Microsoft Office suite can be used to view, create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more, directly within the browser without the need for the client applications. Also covered within this module is multi-author editing, allowing real-time collaboration on the same document, with colleagues anywhere in the world. We also spend time showing how the Microsoft Office suite installed on your local computer can still be used in conjunction with Office 365. Viewing, creating and editing documents in the browser

• Overview of multi-author editing

• Store files in SkyDrive Pro

• Using SkyDrive Pro to update files offline

Using Yammer, Outlook and Lync

Yammer is Microsoft’s updated social tool for Office 365 enabling users to define groups with common interests and post information quickly and easily. In Office 365 you can access email and calendars from virtually anywhere using either your laptop or a host of mobile devices. This ensures that you are always able to communicate with colleagues, and therefore improves response times in dealing with issues and tasks: Accessing and using Outlook through Office 365

• Connecting with Lync

• Using Yammer to improve communication

• Using Microsoft Lync, users can connect with each other via instant messaging (IM), or using PC-to-PC audio or video calls. Lync also provides the ability to host and attend rich online meetings, including audio, video, web conferencing, and file sharing. This functionality enables effective meetings to be scheduled ad-hoc and saves on potential transport and accommodation costs.

SharePoint Basics

This module provides an overview of how Microsoft SharePoint can be used in Office 365 to provide a platform for collaboration between departments and other groups within the organisation.

What is SharePoint?

Accessing SharePoint in Office 365

Working with Files in SharePoint Online





Overview of Office 365 Development

Get an introduction to the Office 365 Development platform, and explore the two main approaches to developing using the App Model (to make your customizations appear in the products) and the Office 365 APIs (to consume them from within your own applications).

1. Intro

2. Office 365 App Model

3. Office 365 APIs

Getting Started with Apps for Office

Check out Apps for Office, see how to get started, and compare how the models fit in building business solutions. See compelling demonstrations to highlight where you can surface your business solutions in Office products.

i. Intro to the app model

ii. Apps for Office

Getting Started with Apps for SharePoint

See an overview of the SharePoint Hosted and Provider Hosted App Models and how to get started. Compare how the models fit in building business solutions, and watch demonstrations.

i. Intro to the app model

ii. Apps for SharePoint

Moving Full Trust Code to the Cloud Using Repeatable Patterns and Best Practices

See tons of demos and real-life scenarios on achieving typical intranet or collaboration customizations using app model patterns. Explore proven patterns to build and maintain SharePoint sites in the cloud or on-premises using only app patterns, and build typical intranet, OneDrive, and collaboration customizations from scratch.

i. Why Apps

ii. App Basics

iii. Common Customization Requests

Getting Started with Office 365 APIs

Get an overview of how Office APIs can be leveraged across mobile device platforms and stand-alone Web Application platforms, including ASP.NET MVC, Windows 8, and more. See how the Azure AD Authentication is used, and explore key scenarios to show the value of this API.

i. Intro to the Office 365 APIs

ii. Getting started

Getting Started with Mobile Development with Office 365

Get an introduction to the different approaches to building mobile applications that consume Office 365 platform services. Explore an overview of native mobile platform development (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) and of cross-platform development (Cordova).

i. Intro

ii. Windows Platform

iii. Non-Windows Platforms

iv. Multi-Platforms

Setting Up Your Developer Environment in Office 365

Learn about the tools and services required to get started with Office 365 development.

i. Overview

ii. The Office 365 Environment

iii. The Windows Azure Environment

iv. Seller Dashboard

Setting Up Your On-Premises Environment for App Development

Find out what is required to get SharePoint Apps running with SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises, for both a stand-alone and a hybrid scenario.

i. Creating a SharePoint 2013 VM

ii. Configuring Support for Apps

iii. Configuring S2S authentication

iv. Configuring OAuth2 for on Premises

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