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If you shoulder the responsibility of choosing SharePoint training for your organization, you know how
difficult it is to find a SharePoint training provider who is an expert you can rely on, is easy to work with,
will work within your training budget - and can deliver exactly what they’ve promised.

That’s where we come in. Not only can we provide you with world-class SharePoint training that’s earned
us the enviable reputation as one of world leading SharePoint training companies, we make it
incredibly convenient!

With SharePoint onsite training, you choose the time and the place, and we’ll be there with a skill-
building training program tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Onsite SharePoint training provides a great ROI

Onsite SharePoint training is the perfect choice for companies that need to train groups of employees -
from 5 or more. You get a maximum number of employees trained in new SharePoint skills in a minimal
amount of time for one flat fee. They receive the same message at the same time, creating synergy to
the SharePoint learning experience that gets everyone “on the same page”.

Skill-building SharePoint training tailored to address your challenges

All our SharePoint training programs are tailored to your specific needs by evaluating your organization’s
skills and practices, and making recommendations for improvement. You choose courses from we have
to offer, and we work with you to tailor the SharePoint training to solve the business challenges you’re
facing and cover the exact issues you want. We can even design a new SharePoint course specifically for
your organization.

Expect higher morale, lower absenteeism and greater loyalty

Onsite SharePoint training not only improves your employees’ SharePoint skills; it inspires them to pull
together as a team and creates a greater sense of job satisfaction. It lets them know you are investing in
their future and as a result your organization realizes higher morale, lower absenteeism, and greater
company loyalty from your team members.

You have flexibility in location, format, and scheduling

Onsite SharePoint training can be held anywhere: online, your headquarters, a branch office, a nearby
conference center or hotel, or even at your company retreat or conference. You also have options in
format: half-day sessions, full day, two-day programs or ongoing modules. Finally, you have flexibility in
scheduling. SharePoint Training can be delivered any day of the week, nights, weekends and even
holidays. Whatever makes it the most convenient and cost effective for your organization.

Benefits of Onsite SharePoint Training

    *Customized training with dedicated SharePoint trainers
    *Utilize SharePoint Training Institute enterprise SharePoint training infrastructure for your  custom     
training needs.
    *Lower training costs
    *Consistent learning experience
   *Lower employee downtime
    *Courses can be planned around individual and department schedules.
    *Employees have the same learning experience and can share knowledge.
    *Company-specific, relevant examples ensure your project's success.
    *Maintain productivity with flexible, customized course scheduling
    8Significantly reduce training expenses by training groups of employees all at once.
    *Tailor the course material to fulfill specific needs​

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